Equipment Care

Updated Monday April 2, 2018 by Hampton Junior Football Association.

HJFA invests significant dollars and time in the purchase, tracking, certification and on-going care of the equipment that helps keep our players safe. As parents and players, we are all stewards of this equipment during our tenure with the organization.

Please remind your player that he is enjoying the use of the equipment today because the person that had it last year took care of it. It is imperative that your player does the same as a service to those who follow.

Helmets must be looked after during the season. Please stress that the helmet should never thrown, tossed, kicked, dropped, sat on or otherwise abused. These behaviors will wear out helmets far faster than the sport of football. When not on his head, the helmet should be sitting right-side up.

As the season progresses and the weather turns a bit less friendly, mud will find its way everywhere. Helmets may be hosed off inside and out as necessary, but please never use any type of cleaning product or wipe. We are careful to use only Schutt–approved cleaning products on our helmets. Please check the helmet regularly for signs of loose screws and bring any issue to the attention of the equipment manager or your player’s coach.

Game jerseys also require special attention. Please turn these inside out when laundering and NEVER put them in the dryer. These jerseys MUST be line-dried. Do not wash the morning of the game because the “go-ahead-and-dry-it “ devil will appear on your shoulder… 

Practice pants and jerseys need not be washed every day. There is no expectation that these remain a crisp white during the season. Please do not bleach them, but you may soak in Oxy Clean if the dinginess becomes too much to bear.

If you have any questions during the season on the care or cleaning of any equipment, please ask the equipment manager or your player's coach.

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